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Electronic newsletter prices

The prices in the table below are typical for a full-color electronic newsletter (including e-mail, Internet, website, HTML and PDF newsletters). Electronic newsletters are ideal for those who are on a tight budget (printing and shipping costs are eliminated), and for those who have a time-sensitive newsletter (production time is much shorter compared to a printed newsletter).

The pricing table below lists various costs depending on if you would like us to provide any light editing or writing services. The options are:

• You write and edit articles: The client writes the articles, does his or her own proofing and editing, and provides the design and layout. The cost for this option is shown in the purple column of the pricing table below.

You write articles, we edit: The client writes the articles, and we have a highly experienced professional editor lightly edit the articles. We also provide design and layout. The cost for this option is shown in the red column of the pricing table below.

We write articles: With this option, provides you with a complete turnkey newsletter. Our highly experienced business journalists will write the articles according to your specifications, and we will also provide design and layout. The cost for this option is shown in the blue column of the pricing table below.

Electronic newsletter prices
(cost per issue)

of Articles
in Newsletter
You Write & Edit Articles You Write Articles, We Edit We Write Articles
4 $249 $448 $1,244
6 $373 $672 $1,866
8 $498 $896 $2,488
10 $622 $1,119 $3,109
12 $746 $1,343 $3,731
14 $871 $1,567 $4,353
16 $995 $1,791 $4,975
18 $1,119 $2,015 $5,597
or more

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The prices above are averages as of January 2013 and are subject to change. Articles referenced in pricing table are assumed to be medium length (350 words each). Shorter articles will lessen your cost and longer articles will increase it. Prices include design and layout, including insertion of an avg. of one client-supplied photo per article, and an average amount of client revisions.

Additional costs

The prices listed above do not include a one-time initial design and setup charge, which averages $697 and is added to the cost of your first issue. Also e-mail distribution of the newsletters costs extra depending on the number of recipients you have.

For pricing on other types of newsletters, including traditional printed newsletters, please go to our main pricing page.


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